How About Some Fun?


Whether you're at home or in the waiting room, here are some educational and fun games to keep kids of all ages occupied!


Games are written to be played on Desktop and Laptop computers and may not work on some mobile devices.


Find the Easter Eggs in the pictures and click on them.

Click on the items/places in the second picture that are different from the first.

Which block has more or less items?

How many sheep are on the screen?

Early Elementary

Click on the math symbol that will finish the equation.

Memorize and replicate the patterns in this game!

You're an Archaeologist. Find your way to the homes ... in order.

Click on the differences in each picture.

Advanced Elementary

Match silhouettes of countries to their names.

Beat the clock and decode the popular number puzzle!

Listen carefully and play the melody back

A Crossword Puzzle without a clue!

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